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EPIC Textile Solutions
The Only Destination Needed
For All Textile Restorations!

We’re on call 24/7 for emergency services.

Who We Are

Experts in Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Experienced in Water and Mold Stain Removal


Excellent Customer Service  

we can help you clean and restore your most important clothing and textiles with 100% satisfaction guarantee . When the damage occurs, our team will respond quickly to your service request, evaluating the damage, removing salvageable items for restoration, and returning them when you need them.


We have the experience to safely handle damaged textiles and we own and operate industry-leading dry cleaning facilities to provide professional cleaning with proven restoration techniques.

Meet The Team




Expert in

smoke and fire damage restoration expert




Expert in

water and mold stain removal expert 


Expert in

Customer Service

and Logistics

Who We Are
Our Services

Our Services

Dry clean items

Household fabric items

Bulk laundry

Shoes, purses and luggage

Heirloom items such as quilts and tapestries

Wedding Attire

Fur and Leather

Stuffed animals and dolls

Window tapestry and coverings

Outerwear, hunting wear, and sports wear

Responsible Claims Management


We’re responsible to handle every claim with professionalism and knowledge. Detailed in each aspect, fast issue management, proactive communication, and a customizable approach to meet the needs of each adjuster and insured.

Fire Damage


Water Spot


Smoke Damage

Mold Stain


Why US?


We will return your items in the shorted amount of time compared to other competitors thanks to advanced cleaning system and excellent logistics.


We use eco-friendly system to clean your items without any harsh chemicals that might be left behind.

You will see the difference!


We provide Unparalleled Customer Service and Attention to Details.

Each batch of cleaning is carefully inspected and goes through Quality Assurance.


We will clean and return a week's worth of clothes within 48 hours followed by the entire order within few days, along with our extremely competitive pricing!

Why US?

Claims Handling

Rapid Response to the initial call and addressing emergency needs of the insured. Clear communications, between adjuster, insured and mitigation company, critical to successful claim management.

Accurate documentation with scope of loss, reserves, detailed itemization, and prompt invoicing, Providing equipment, professional looking personnel and knowledge of work that is to be performed.

Detail driven in each claim: Digital photographs, computerized inventory control procedures, secured and protected storage facilities upon completion. Complete customer satisfaction and follow up.

Service Areas

We service North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and their vicinities.

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